My BUSINESS is balms and butters of which I love creating healing balms. My PASSION is Gardening of which God implanted in me as early as the age of 22.

I purchased my 1st home in 2006 with the intention of having a small garden in the back yard. I let critical and dream blocking people detour me from my God given dream. Depression and other things set in and robbed me of my vision that season. After recovering from suicide attempts, alcoholism, bad relationships, bad decisions, my own sinful ways I decided to put my life back together this time with Gods help and by the unction of Holy Spirit.

At 45 I decided to purchase another home SOLELY for the purpose of pursuing my passion and bringing my mother home to care for her. When I lost my mother one month to the day after closing on my home I almost gave up yet again. One thing after another hammered on my life the 2nd year weather it was my health, financial, lack of resources or help.

I cried to God after struggling the first year attempting my garden due to one health scare after another and simply not enough hands and strength to help me. Frustrated I told God why would he give me this desire knowing my strength would just not be there and neither would the people. He said remember when I carried you, I am still with you. Remember in your weakness is my greatest strength. Remember you were borned for such a time as this. I am with you always and I will uphold you with my righteous Right Hand. I will give you the strength of a deers Hinds feet. I am Your God and I fail not, neither does my return void, it will accomplish what I sent it to do in your life. Remember when and Remember why.

Going into 2019 I made up my mind no matter what I’m going to get this garden FINISHED so I can grow life from and with my hands. 2019 is my year of blooming and thriving were I am planted. I live in an amazing community almost in the suburbs with a foot in the country next door surrounded by others with the same desire to know what they by sowing. What I have grown to accept is that my canvas and finished portrait will look nothing like yours and yours will nothing like mine. What that mean is our differences creates this massive community we need to be a people that cultivate love, health, and happiness.