Forced to be still the last part of 2018 has been challenging and I sufferred some casualty war scars because I decided to keep going. It took me a while to slow my mind so that my body would follow. Once I stopped I began to wonder why my journey has been silent for so long. Listening to TD Jake Sunday sermon the scripture was so clear asking simply WHY am I stuck? I stumbled through the message because I knew God was addressing my cave journey. I asked God why was I stuck, unable to come out, not hearing His voice. God only reply I stopped believing, seeking, and asking him in all areas of my life. My focus was only to bandage the scars of 2016-2018 not recalling the victories even into 2016. Night Watch Service last night confirmed it was time to move forward Proving God by walking In His promises and trusting His plans for me.

I am returning back to what worked so 2019 will be manifestation and not just another discovery year. No more trying to figure it out because I already know what I was purposed to be. My command for 2019 is simple: Stay tethered to God Word; Proclaim it; Posess it; Practice it. It was so simple that I almost missed it. Can’t afford to mourn any longer. Time to memorialize any and all past good or hurt only visiting to evaluate or honor .