Dont be afraid to go back to what worked for you. Dont be afraid to change what didnt work for you. Exercise is personal, intimate, passion, and important to me. I like being my own competition. 2005 I lost 85lbs working out 5 days a week by myself with occasional group classes. I began my journey to eating healthier and finally transitioned to vegetarian 2015.

2018 was my year of testing (gaining more than 21lbs in 2 months for an overall 40lbs in a year). Didnt wait until 1/1 as I couldn’t afford another day with no actions. Daily I remind myself healing is the bread for God’s children. I am God’s child. I remind myself my youth is renewed like the eagles. I remind myself Jesus bore my sickness and disease therefore I decree and declare by His stripes I am healed. I remind myself this race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to those who endure until the end. So every day I wake up I tell myself my race is not finished LETS GO!!

Only number I monitor are days set for cardio and weight training. No particular number such as steps or lbs. Working within my limitations has allowed me to successfully change the # that matters at this time. My goal is health so other numbers such as heart rate, fat ratio, lab to monitor iron and pain, etc are carefully watched.

Inspiring others with critical or terminal health conditions is my desire. No judgment zone simply pursuit of a greater me/you. Know your why and understand you so that when those days come when you can’t you will understand your saying it’s time to rest which is equally important.