No matter how things were for my mother she NEVER spoke about the abuse or hard times regarding her childhood or her mother and father until they passed and she still only spoke of it to me in detail that I know of. It was because I had questions that I needed answered due to the scars still open just invisible. We were suffering from an unknown affliction and I got tired of being wounded with words.
She Respected and Honored her mother and Father even unto death. Only spoke about what she needed to heal. She would always say what good would it do to speak of past issues. They will never changed. Time will never reverse. Rekindled wounds will only inflict pain on more people if not spoke of carefully.
I told my mother story even while she was alive. The good bad and indifferent never pretending it was ok because often it was not. She knew this and opened up to me because it helped her heal by having to opprotunity to talk about it. I speak of her Truth from the perspective of unfolding the blankets of my childhood trauma to understanding her clouds of pain.

So much for one person to endure alone and many wondered why she was so stearn with a little meanness. When you endure trauma and never heal because no one showed you how. I think anyone would become bitter. God became her friend and worked a miracle in her that demonstrates His Agape toward all mankind.

My mother last words to me:
“Thank you and I love you. I would have never thought you would come back and help me.” At that point she healed a wound opened more than 30years in my life.

It is important to talk about lifes struggles and pain in a safe environment. Give people the same Grace afforded you because we all made mistakes.

That 3 strand cord was tight.