Wisdom MANY take for granted until they are on the receiving end. I’m so GRATEFUL obedience and desire to please God has always been my goal concerning my mother.

My mother said “the battle to love me was hard but you didnt quit. You came back for me. You showed up and gave me love the best you knew how and I love you for that”. The first and last time my mother said I love you and I felt her words. She used to say just because I mention something doesn’t mean you have to go buy it, I told her YES I do. It was a love and care she never knew. God used my hands to AGAPE His Child.

Oh I felt so Honored to be able to love my mother, care for my mother, tell her I love her, kiss her, and invade all her personal space😍. I enjoyed going to my mother on sundays after church so she can 👀 and 👂 my Spiritual progess but most of all I had Sunday brunch with my mother.

I came back to Texas almost 3 years to the day my mother went home to Glory. My life had finally become drama and stress free then God said go back to Texas. This will be 5 years back in Texas. Lord I am committed to Your will and thank you for entrusting me with your plans.

Love you mama and everyday I STILL RISE wondering how I can make you proud of me. I remember the bad and horrible and how it did NOT break you and how you pulled through. I REMEMBER you saying we should accomplish more than you in life and never settle for mediocrity. I REMEMBER you always wanting the best for us. I even Remember you warning about my temper (I guess I do have a bit of a bite). Thank you for loving me through my bad and horrible.

🌺Dance for me my beautiful Angel🌺