I always remember the sacrifice and battles my mother fought just to make way for new ground, changing direction of destiny, destroying generational curses for our family.

Never will I be the intentional reason of giving what’s Holy to dogs, nor casting my Pearl’s among swine so they can trample them and destroy me. You see my Pearls are not all due to my planting and sowing. I wear Pearl’s I didn’t pay the price to gain. I have layers of pearls some longer than the others which is a symbol of time and sweat invested.

My strand of pearls are still being gathered and cultivated in this journey called life. It would do me well to carry myself honorably and with valor so when time comes to pass my pearls to my grandchildren they will be of great worth and value. The word of God commands you to store up for your children children’s. In all essence I believe Abba Father knew there would be many mistakes along the way and it would take us into the seed of our seed to get it right

Pearls come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. Once produced they are stored for safe keeping. Now they are harvested and gathered they to polished and measured for perfection. It is still said the perfect pearl is without blemish and has more value. Yet I have saw some beautifully flawed and priceless.

Gather your pearls and dont worry about what they look like, they all have value. Just make sure the cord you tie them upon is strong enough to endure the life chosen for you to live. Bind them together across your heart and dress them with diamonds or flowers if you so chose. Remember they are your pearls to do with whatsoever you like. But do also remember your pearls will pass as your legacy one day so make sure your worth is priceless.