As I sat in my room and looked out the window, I thought who am I really? Who am I? All of our lives we have identified with titles (Daughter, mother, wife etc.) and many have come to this crossroad, yet for me I keep coming back to this crossroad. In an effort to make the best life now I asked God to help me understand who I am since He is my creator. Help me understand my Tri-being. Help me to be the best me possible.

I begin to wonder what my skills are, talent, passions. How do they make up this creative being I am. So of course, I went to the famous dictionary to define what these 3 words mean because they are at the front of the sense of urgency. When a person speaks of their passion they have this strong and barely controllable emotion, their talent is a natural ability to do something, and skills the ability to do something well. It has been crucial for me to identify who I am beyond the spiritual. It was important to understand the balance of my tri-being (spirit/soul/body). I got the Spirit and continue to renew her daily. Now I must invest the same effort in understanding my soul and body. There was a unique skill, talent, passion engraved in me when I was created by God, do you know what yours maybe?

As I continue to research I have discovered the talent and skills tend to come naturally. Passion on the other hand requires effort and watering to become more than a seed. Brian Heat of Addicted2Success defined passion as the personal “explosive flame you possess inside in the form of strong ideas, gifts and fascinations. It is this passion that propels you towards your very own unique forms of creative expression, fields of interests and adventurous curiosity. It is also your passion that drives you to push beyond obstacles and self-limitation.”

Now my question is how do I tap into this enormous power? The indomitable and authentic hope which sustained me and kept me steady despite the storms and circumstances in my life now has set a fire to my faith concerning purpose and passion. As I develop personally I know things will come more naturally for me and I will witness Abba Father usher me into the fulfillment of my destiny. God has a great plan for our lives and knowing that as we seek Him first all other things will be added unto us.

Loving Heavenly Father, thank You for your gifts and passions. Thank You for loving me enough to want me to grow, develop and mature. Thank You for not giving me my destiny or dream too soon, before I am able to handle it – because then, Lord, I may waste it, lose it or even ruin it. God – You know what is best. And You are a gracious Lord to patiently develop me to reach that place of ultimate purpose and l. I am thanking You in advance for all You have in mind – in Christ’s name, Amen.

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