I may have dreamed big as my mother when the Lord delivered her from the enemy that brought about her afflictions. I may have envisioned wide like my mother to think that now I have that same Jesus, my family will be so excited and encouraged to try him for themselves, my friends will see the new me and be encouraged to try him as well. I use to wonder and still pray the change that occured in me would be even greater for my family than for me, because I am a firm believer your family is your 1st ministry. Thinking the change would come, not in my perfection simply because my passion and love for Abba Father was an instrument in use. I just did not want to believe the same people that Crucified Jesus still exist today, but they do in buildings called the church and people called family. I have now realized that just maybe as God always intended, I was, am, and will be the willing vessel of my generation in my family for Him to move “through” to do His great work. I still pray the change will come for all.

Being a Christian, you treat people right. Being Christian is when your brother/sister is taken a fault you go and restore them… It’s Bad enough we have to deal with enemies of this world and those who follow. Now we are warring against those who say they are Christians and those who have your same DNA have also joined in on the attack. The attack has become ever so personal… YOU COME FOR ME YOU GOING TO HAVE TO FIGHT GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT, GABRIEL, MICHEAL…. I rebuke every thought, plot, plan, of the enemy. I decree and declare there will be supernatural visions and dreams added to my life. I’m not in this world on my own. My lot wasn’t to be the one with many relationships on earth, but to represent the God I serve as He move through my life to prefect me for Him. I have grown spiritually to now know that I will never be good enough here, but perfect in my Father Eyes. I am the sparkle that makes Him smile.

In order to change I must go through some changes. Sometimes you go through to be reminded of who God IS. We are afflicted in every way, BUT not crushed. Perplexed, BUT not in despair. Persecuted, BUT not forsaken. Struck down, BUT not destroyed.

Every Yoke is destroyed because of The Anointing. Everything that has come against me, works for me because the pressing produced the pressure to increase the Oil. The Oil of The Anointing is about to be poured over my life again. It’s on me to remain the willing vessel to receive my portion of Gods heavenly oil. It’s on me to remain before Abba Father, no matter what it looks like God will not leave nor forsake me. Understanding from man I no longer seek, neither do I desire. At the foot of Jesus, I sit, where there is this non-judgmental atmosphere provided that gives me the Power to change, to do better, to be more.

You have to be ready!!!! Test comes in many forms and fashion. Be ready, confident, and know who you are!!! Wise well beyond my years I have always been. These feet have traveled many roads and not all have been great. I know what road I am traveling now and nothing will get past my Father who Protects me in and through all things. I see through a glass that has become very dim just for a moment, but I know everything will be better by and by. It’s not going to break me down, it’s going to break me through… Whatever is used to try and break me down, God is going to use it to lift me up… Greater is He in me than he who is in this world…

2 Cor 4:7 We have this treasure in earthly vessels.