There is a time and place.There is an order to God plans. There is a purpose for every intervention of heaven on Earth

GOD IS the GIVER of seed, blessings, healings, provision of EVERYTHING, JESUS GIVES us the RIGHT to ask for Heavens DIVINE provision. THE CREATOR OF EVERYTHING HOLY SPIRIT INSTRUCTS, CLARIFIES, & GOES ABOUT OUR BLANK PAGES and orchestrates masterpieces. I am a masterpiece because THE CREATOR HOLY SPIRIT breathe LIFE in my mortal body and the lives of my family (blood and adopted). Ruach Hakodesh, Holy Spirit is Divine Inspiration. Holy Spirit I NEED you, I NEED YOU oh GREAT COUNSELLOR, CREATOR of the heavens and earth. OH I NEED YOU. Create a new and great thing in my life, my family’s lives.

For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. Lord let Holy Spirit move me the way he moved them back then. Being Holy is what I want. Knowing that my words are touched by Holy Spirit changes my life. Let not my words be mere prophecy of old, but also prophecy of new and life.

The POWER that comes when you have Holy Spirit! Often I refrain from asking God for more because I know the test and trails that come. Yet at this moment I cannot, CAN NOT do life without Holy Spirit. I need a new endowment of His POWER, PRESENCE, PASSION. Holy Spirit focus is to fulfill the commandments and instructions of God IN Christ Jesus, therefore I NEED HOLY SPIRIT to not only dwell in me but do a work in me so that Christ like manfestations come from my life here on earth. Let my life say I obeyed Holy Spirit unction and in doing so Holy Spirit was and is able to do Great things with my life.

Holy Spirit thank you for returning and knowing that your welcomed wherever I am. I love you Holy Spirit with the Love above all AGAPE and Thank you for loving me. ABBA FATHER thank you for the Gift of Your Spirit and the ministry that comes from His Indwelling of this temple.


I simply pray Lord God that I am in the right place, at the right time, to receive the intended down pouring, brought personally by Holy Spirit. I would say every now and then many miss the calling of God where their blessing is in fulfilling the blessings of others and God will at times have to do what he entrusted other believers to do yet they failed their assignment. I know understand that this understanding was poured into me by Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Truth. Lord let me never miss being used by you!!! To me that simply says I OPENED my life for the indwelling of Holy Spirit. I really need you to come in to my life. Holy Spirit will guide us in the way of Truth and Light. I am a willing vessel Lord. Whatever season is coming is truly Great because the tests are Great.

Holy Spirit you sent songs of adoration, words of praise to remind us of your Presence and Power. You dwell in us so we know that your breath of life which revived these dry bones still moves through and revive even today.

Holy Spirit Revive me again.

Not by might but by POWER send your Spirit God SEND your SPIRIT GOD…

Thank you ABBA FATHER FOR THE GIFT OF HOLY SPIRIT I RECEIVE FREELY. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ by Holy Spirit.