Find what makes you happy and at peace and DO THAT! Whatever IT is, DO IT with every ounce of your MIGHT, any spare time you have, create time to INVEST in your WHY. Others may not understand and that’s ok, just DO it and God will send those TO YOU who will understand and they will invest in and support you without reservation or reason.

Tomorrow is my dirty DIRTY day. Field trip to Home Depot and Loews before it rains. Hoping and praying God send rain overnight or AFTER 1p 😄😄. Got to get news paper and dirt own around beds to stop grass from growing😓. I have so many projects that time just need to slow up and I NEED wonder woman strength👢💫💪🏽

I am so loving this journey. It’s has consumed me. My hand is producing health. I am so excited and grateful for this learning experience. Lord thank you…