You don’t know what you don’t know. However to understand what you don’t know you must accept you don’t know everything and there will always be something you need to learn.

I recall praying and seeking ONLY for spiritual wisdom and understanding to now knowing I have MISSED seeking and asking for the HIDDEN Wisdom and Understanding in Christ Jesus.

YES Holy Spirit interprets what we pray when we pray then goes to the Father on our behalf. At some point in your walk you are EXPECTED to know what to ask for so Holy Spirit can take your higher spiritual knowledge and ask for the HIDDEN things of the Kingdom on your behalf.

Everything known to you, you are RESPONSIBLE to obtain or ask for it. What is for you that you don’t know you are RESPONSIBLE to ask for it. What will Usher you higher into the Glory of God requires obedience and DOING what God commands. Once these things are accomplished you will then be ready to ask for the HIDDEN things in Christ Jesus.

Once you acknowledge this TRUTH your now in the state of being where God is able to reveal to you His Hidden Wisdom and Understanding in Christ Jesus.