The world is a playground and there’s an abundance of beautiful places and things to be revealed. I told my mother when she asked why I left Texas that I felt Restricted, Caged, and Blinded by not seeing the world for myself. I no longer wanted to live through the lenses of someone else’s camera or create vision based on others realities. The world is mine to do whatever I see fit for me. My desire was to create a live story and never wonder what if. Time has come for me to pick up where I left off. Losing my mother put a huge boulder in my path and I have struggled to find a way around it.

When my Sis in Christ came and began my 1st garden bed a few weeks ago I realized I was my greatest resistance. Watching this new life has birthed something in me that I lost December 2016. She said I knew once you saw it you would believe you could do it. She blessed my ground. That was on a Sunday.

Today I met a retired financial planner who makes a living dressed as a clown making people smile because it’s his ministry and he loves making people smile. Although he could go back to making more money, his ministry carries lasting value. He then blessed us as we left. This was in a Denny’s.

God will place blessings in uncommon places, all you have to do is GO. I have met and ministered in some of the most uncommon places that I realized the world truly belongs to me and I can do with it as I see fit because no matter the size the Earth may be, you create your world upon the Earth. I will expend my borders as God promised so that my world resemble more of the Earth.