God is Faithful

When I turned 40, I asked myself “In 40 years of life what is the one thing you’ve learned about God?” I know a lot of people might have to take some time and think about an answer to give. However, every time I think back, all I can say is,


I spent some time reading Lamentations 3:19-27 the day I turned 40 and have pretty much been glued to that passage since that day. In this text the prophet Jeremiah is in a pretty bad situation. Things are not “ideal” in his world, and yet He declares that God is faithful, that His mercies are made new every morning and He will wait on the Lord.

• God has been incredibly faithful to me — in good times and in bad.

• When I lost my house, He was Faithful

• When I was arrested and I had to watch my life flash before eyes, He was faithful to me.

• When I was faced with being homeless, He was faithful to me.

• When He loved me enough to draw me into a church that preached the Gospel and revealed to me that I was a sinner and was unable to save myself from my sins, He was faithful to me.

•God has been faithful to me and has always been with me and has never left me or forsaken me. In hard times He has been faithful to me (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).

• In every path God was calling me to travel, He was faithful to me. No experience, money or strategy, but what I had was HIS Word, HIS Holy Spirit and HIS promise that HE would build HIS church! He is doing one person at a time!!!

• He has been faithful to me in giving me amazing children and grand children. Through them God is teaching me through that HE is a good Father who desires to give good gifts to His children.

• He has been faithful to me in surrounding me with godly men and women who love HIM and then love me, who speak truth to me even when it hurts, and who love the church as much as I do and want to see HIS KINGDOM GROW!

• He has been faithful to me in teaching me that it’s His voice and not the voice of the critic that matters. He is the One who has called me, saved me and will define me, and if I am focused on “them” then I won’t be focused on Him!

• We have a faithful God! In His mercy He pursues us for the purpose of saving us AND sanctifying us. He is patient with us (II Peter 3:9) and HIS kindness is the very thing that allowed me to repent and come to Him (Romans 2:4!)

• God IS faithful! My circumstances do not dictate His character!!! I can always TRUST Him and know that He is in complete control of the universe and that ALL things are ultimately for HIS GLORY and my good
(Romans 8:28!)