Lord bless only when You deem the time. Let me not perish, keep me in Your everlasting Grace. You said if I keep my mind stayed on You that You would keep me in perfect Peace. Lord keep me as I go through so that my spirit is assured that when it’s all said and done I will obtain the Promise. I want it all Lord. You know my hearts cry. But if it be not Your Will remove it or never allow it to come. May I remain in You as You do a new thing in me. Oh Jesus how I need Your presence! Holy Spirit I need Your guidance! I’m searching in these lands for what it is Abba Father would have me to do this day, and I NEED You. Let me be twinkle in my Fathers eye. Let me be Strong and Very Courageous. Let me go. Let me stay. Whatever I must do, let it be as Wisdom bounds my neck, Understanding covers my head, Grace and Mercy clothed my body. Keep me ever so close Lord. Nevrr let me stray. I don’t want to see if I can endure if the test isn’t from You. Keep me ever so close to Your Amazing Grace.

Your Humbled Servant
In the Mighty Name of Jesus by Holy Spirit Amen and Selah