I used to wonder why God removed my Privacy shield. I would not let anyone in even if it was for my good. Once I removed my shield (It is only a test) that’s when the busyiness of life began to spiral out of control and much of what I did was to prove my ability instead of Trusting in God’s plan and path for my life. Those activities were full of meaning and joy. Don’t get me wrong, I loved accomplishing things life and people said I would never do. I would tell myself, God called us to work, and my favorite scripture to stand on was in Proverbs where God “told” us not to be lazy, that we are designed to find fullfilment in a job well done (Matthew 25:14).

But little did I know that when my identity settled on being busy that I started on a dangerous path. The busyness contest is a difficult one to climb out of. It has taken years to slow down and I still struggle with the thought of being idle when truly it is God giving me rest.

So, what are those little tweaks, the small changes, the disciplines needed, that we can add together to become more Christ like? I ask myself this daily. Keeping it simple so that I not fall into the trap of busyiness. Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the changes, I strive to become more like Jesus. Asking myself, how can I rest in the grace of His love and become more overwhelmed and all-consumed in pursuit of Him? This is all the busyiness I need.

Today I look at busyiness with Purpose so that I may redeem the time of the Lord. Every hair on our head is numbered and so are the seconds remaining in this race called life. Make sure you run this race well and your sense of urgency was accomplishing God’s kingdom agenda. Time us winding up yet you still have time. Make it count…