Planned this weekend almost a month ago. Not expecting the many setbacks that came in the form of physical and spiritual attack. The flu was a beast. Cervical injury flared up causing debilitating pain from my head that radiated down through my right arm, and his ankle and foot swelled to land him on crutches.

He said I’ll be your arm if you be my leg because we in this together. That blessed my heart so much because thjs physical battle has been so lonely and hard. To hear someone say “I got you” then show that you got me is what I desire.

We sang and danced the night away. Neighbors in the box we were sitting in made it that much more fun. We forgot about the pains of our physical bodies just for one night. Thus reminded me of God’s promises and assurance that He is our strength in times of weakness.

God’s love is called AGAPE. That is the love I pray to extend and receive. This night exhibited his unconditional love toward us. What a beautiful evening