This shift is MAJOR for me in this season… I’m shifting now my God and it’s HARD!!! Even tho it is hard these ADJUSTMENTS I must make is vital for my survival. I bind the spirit of offense, the spirit of anger, the spirit of disappointment, the spirit frustration, the spirit of unstabled emotions in the Mighty Name of Jesus by Holy Spirit Amen. I now understand my Mercy Seat experience has been jeopardized. I will no longer serve along others I am offended by in my church, in my home, on my job. I break every hold in my church, in my home, on my job, concerning me in any and every relationship. Break now Lord and provide my way of escape in the mighty name of Jesus. My joy is New and will I serve the Lord with gladness.

Im never going back to be the offended frustrated person never ever again. I admit Abba Father I’m frustrated, I’m angry, I’m disappointed, I am deeply offended. So I lay it all at your alter because I’m done. Search me first God and do your work in me, then proceed to correct or remove others as you see fit. Your will be done. I’m all out because I’m all in ready to go all the way up. But today I’M DONE!!!

Im not better than anyone, I’m just done with everyone who contributes the injury of my emotions, jeopardize my well being, do not contribute to the betterment of me!! So starting with self, I’m done with nurturing this foolishness so get it together! Everyone else I’m simply done. No I’m not discussing it because it would be a redundant conversation fueling the problem. Can’t make you be something your not for me and since you can’t give what I need, I’m done!!!