Key Fact: We must Pray without ceasing

Key fact: Write your vision because your mind can hold oh so much information before it delete, delete

Key fact: Do Research and Analzye your competition

Key fact: Know your market and how you can capitalize (increase) or improve (make better) in a way YOU personally benefit

Key fact: Plant your seed and WAIT for the manifestation. Instant gratification is rare.

Key fact: Work your market. Break up that hard ground, work your territory, learn something new, mentor someone, network, NETWORK outside of your field. Never let someone limit your vision. ***Your market is created not given*** 

Key fact: Have a boss mentality. Work as if that business is yours and one day you will have your own business. Entrepuneurship is not immediate, you got to Work that thang until you are able to monetize that thang…

First WATCH your company, everybody who smile at you is not for you.

Second stop telling your dreams, wait until they are reality. God will give you at least one confidant, don’t be fooled by an imitation.

Third YOU DO THE WORK, stop waiting for handouts. Don’t know seek a mentor

Forth Love you at every level, no matter how bleak it may seem, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are the best today you will every be if you don’t prepare and plan.

Nothing happens in yesterday or tomorrow. It always happens NOW

Guard your joy!!! Guard your hope!!! Guard your vison!!!