What seem like a setback if you trust God will always result in a extra ordinary Miracle. William Murphy said this yesterday on prayer call don’t reject what look like a mess because your breakthrough is in where most would dare to travel. I have traveled many roads and gained knowledge that transcends the time invested. I have made some moves that I still question God  how is this going to work for ME and all God said was hold on. It got rough and I was ready to throw in the towel MANY times but God said hold on. I cried out to God this is affecting my health more than ever, God still again said hold on.

Over the last 6 months God has moved slower than a snail yet watched keen with an Eagle eye. More endings than beginnings and I questioned God again because I felt he was taking away more and more never replacing with better equally. He assured me that the only subtraction are of things that have no direct value to me or my purpose and to make room for the powerful suddenlies that will require less space with 100 fold return on investments in time, money, and commitment while adding increase to spiritual things, physical holistically, relationships, territory, and assets.