My child, I know how you worry. What is on the other side of this disease (put the name of your illness)? Will there be another side? What will the future bring? I feel your anxiety at each doctor’s appointment and through every treatment. I know the fear that paralyzes you as you wait for the results of every test. Your heart races, your chest tightens, and there was a sick feeling deep in the pit of your stomach as you anticipate the worst. Will you ever have peace? 

You need not be troubled or afraid for I have left you with a wonderful gift. My peace is your weapon against worry and fear. My peace is completely different than the world’s peace. The world’s peace is tied to circumstances, but My peace is eternal and forever. It is not found in positive thinking or a good lab report. My peace comes when you trust Me, regardless of what happens around you. It comes from knowing that I alone control your future. Right now, you can exchange all your fears for a peace of such magnitude you cannot begin to grasp its scope and power. 

Child, the true battle to obtain your peace is in your mind. Any thought that comes into your mind that is contrary to My Word did not come from Me; it comes from the liar and the father of lies. But I am the commander of this battle. With your permission, I can destroy every lie that would keep your thoughts from agreeing with Mine. Resist his lies daily with the truth of his defeat and the enemy must flee! 

Turn all your anxious thoughts into prayers of petition and thanks. Pray about every detail surrounding this disease (put the name of your illness). Tell Me what you need and thank Me for all I have done, and I promise you a peace far more wonderful than your human mind can understand. My peace is not of this world.

Lord, while the battle rages on around me and the enemy tries to convince me otherwise, I already know the victorious outcome. You have already won the ultimate victory when You rose from the dead. Thank You that I am never alone in the trials I face on this earth. You have already overcome them all, including this disease (put the name of your illness). Help me live in peace throughout this journey. In the midst of the uncertainty, help me be certain of You. 

In the Mighty Name of Jesus by Holy Spirit Amen and Selah