As I sit and listen to the Word of God play I find myself asking God Why am I praying? Is he really hearing what I’m saying? The asking has ceased, I just ask for a reply that He simply hear my voice. Again I Asked myself, why pray? As we approach the Annivesary of my mother passing I find myself struggling to smile, to enjoy life, to persue the purpose I have identified. As I look out into the possibilities before me I have to ask God what good will it be to pray knowing that trails have been my lot and being hopeful for an extended time of peace and provision just seems worthless. Again I ask God why do you want me to pray when it is apparent your not listening?

Jesus answered and said unto me, Verily I say me, If I have faith, and doubt not, I will not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also say to this mountain, Be removed, and will be cast into the sea; it shall be done.   And all things, whatsoever I shall ask in prayer, believing, I shall receive. Matthew 21:21‭-‬22
I have asked and now I will wait. I have asked and now I will work according to what I asked. I have asked and I EXPECT that to be added or removed according to His, but is EXPECT RESULTS. No longer do I ask why pray, I now remind God of what He said according to His word that I could have ___ and ____ and I EXPECT Abba Father to provide because His word said I could have as long as I do what is asked to receive. Knowing there is an exchange for each provision I will seek His face and feed on His word to gather the seeds needed to produce what I need. 

Why Pray? You pray because you need something you cannot do or get. You pray because you have a need and no answer. You play simply because you know that Abba Father will never leave you without. He loves you and his heart breaks when your heart breaks and He is limited to what he can do until you talk to him. It doesn’t matter how you feel, He know already so go before Him with Humbled and Repentant. Cry out to Him and lay at his feet because His is the only one who can mend or restore what your facing.

Mom I miss you so much. This pain is agonizing. I love you and just wish I could see your face, hear your voice, hug you just one more time. RIH my Rose