I’m so glad I made it through. Experience lost at a major cost but my Faith in God kept me strong and was never lost. I’m so glad I made it, I made through. The devil is a liar, Suicide didn’t win, Depression didn’t win, Diagnoses didn’t win, Disappointments didn’t win, Failures didn’t win. When you recognize the accuser of the brother remind him, I am (you are) MORE than a conqueror, no weapon formed shall prosper.  I look nothing like what life has dealt me and I’m glad no man not even me had the final say. I am the child of Abba Father and He loves me!!!

Don’t get rid of part of the sin get rid of all of it so you don’t have to deal with it later. Other lineage come against you because you didn’t deal with it long time ago. God confirmed for such a time as this has arrived. Many are the Afflictions of the righteous but God delivered them out of it all. You must address everything or God will destroy your lineage if you don’t deal with it accordingly. Parents be aware what you do will pass down through generations. When God kill lineages it is to keep a greater evil from coming. When God becomes real through what you survived, you will live for him and praise him on another level.

Remember, what you allow will grow. What your ignore will still grow. Seek God first and His righteousness. Fast and Pray. Study His Word.  Speak life and truth to your inner man so that life and truth will manifest in your action, words, and physically. 

Speak the Word of God to yourself  and your family daily.