Too often we see what a person is able to do and not what they are capable of. Our judgement of another can’t compare to the Grace and Mercy God has granted through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We look at ourselves and re-act based on how we feel or how others respond to us instead of acting like the Royalty we are according to the promises in the Word of God!!!

Couple of weeks ago I had a breakdown emotionally. Thanksgiving was approaching and I wouldn’t celebrate with my mother who transitioned to Heaven last year. She went home and I’m so glad she is completely healed and so beautiful. But she left me here ALONE. That’s how I felt this day, no matter the truth of my feelings they were real to me.  I cried with a agonizing cry for God to move these mountains NOW. Take this cup from me because I HATE it. I couldn’t endure anymore if this. As always God reminds me of His promises, so in my greatest despair I said not my will Lord but Thy Will Be Done. Then the following day I went to church on 2 hours of sleep and cried through worship, preaching, and prayer. Everything spoken made me break!!!

That Sunday it rested so deep in my Spirit to Be Still, Be Quiet, Stop pretending, Work on your Plans and Foundation, Dont get distracted THIS TIME, Look only forward!!! Over the course of the reminder of November I have given it ALL to Abba Father and realized that it’s OK to tell him what He say I can bear I can NOT!!! I don’t see what He see, I don’t SEE what He See in me, my circumstances, my health, my peace, my provision, my everything. I have been blinded with this despair at a magnitude I have never seen before and I CAN’T SEE!!! 

I told a trusted friend I NEED A neon light like right NOW from Heaven, God need to drop it all up on me like right NOW because I am done trying to figure this out with signs and wonders, give me at least ONE sure thing I can SEE. She understood oh so clear what I was feeling and that was Gods first in showing me He heard me, understood, and didn’t get in His feelings because I needed PROOF He had me. He began to PERFORM to show just how much He loves me!!! 

So I did what I knew best, I OBEYED the still small voice of God. My actions are now according to what’s in my spirit which comes from God by Holy Spirit our Great Counsellor because they have been confirmed through His Word, the word of others, and even the lack of from others. While I wait I will REST in Abba Father, and draw near to My High Priest, I have experienced this peace like no other. Everyday God sends a physical and visual promise of His plans for me because He knows what I need for now. That called running into His Shelter, resting in His Bosom!!!

I was a miracle I couldn’t see and now Abba Father is displaying all around me the manifestation of His Grace and Mercy toward me!!!

PRAYER: In You Abba Father I have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to Your purpose because You are at work in me and working all things according to the counsel of your Will. Bring to life all that has been planted in my heart TODAY.  Thank you Lord for your Grace, Mercy, Love, Healing, Power, Provision, and Protection every moment and every season. In the Mighty Name of Jesus by Holy Spirit Amen and Selah!!!