As I walked yesterday I decided to walk and see the man-made lake being constructed. As I got closer to the lake there was signs that said no trespassing and authorized access only. I hoped to get a little closer. Paused for a moment to take in the still amazing view from a distance and focused my sight on my purpose which was to see the lake and noticed a medal statue shaped like a leaf that stood tall among the unfinished project. Often times it may appear access is off limit when God simply wants to slow you down just enough to clarify your vision. I heard Him say “BE STILL”. 

As the wind blew with strength, my blueprint was placed at my feet for the projects to come. Although this was an activate construction site not many were visable. The number of those who will be faithful to your journey will be few yet the faithful few will endure until the end. Jesus only had 12 disciples and out if the 12 there was one that didn’t make but served a valuable purpose. Many focus on the foundation unseen, but in this season we must also analyze the various types of foundations including the frame and how it’s connected to your foundation. Your walls must be just as solid as your foundation. Are the beams of quality wood or steel? Do you know what your frame is made of? Are you using the correct nails? 

Let’s get to work and study to show ourselves approved. Anything worth having requires an investment of time, energy, dedication, perseverance, and consistency. Nothing of value is given for free. Character is built when service is given not charity received. Study the ant and know her was that you may be wise.

Join me🍂