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For many years I have verbalized my desire to have a garden however putting those words to paper and finally to actions was more than I anticipated. The project appeared larger than I could handle and it was overwhelming even though it was exactly what I prayed for. I have always heard be careful what you ask God for because you may get just that, oh did I.

This project was two-fold for me. My plans were to build my garden to encompass and sitting area where my mother would come, drink her coffee, study the Word of God, and be at peace while she new life and beauty unfold before her eyes as she loved roses and lilies. This never happened because I lost my mother less than 1 month after closing on my home. Also, I somehow pictured the garden to be a family venture, a way to bring us closer while becoming more aware of what we eat. This is happening just not how I envisioned it. I had a plan and it was not working how my blueprint looked. I thought it out oh so perfectly yet I forgot it was my dream that was never put to word form.

As I sit and look at where my life is now and how complacent I had become with my dreams, my vision, my purpose it became very clear to me that I was cashing in on my future and life. I have never been a quitter and it was not going to start now. To better understand why it was so easy for me to just quit I went back to my blueprint that obviously had pictures but no words. A blueprint that had walls with no measurements. I was reminded of the parable of the sower where Jesus spoke about the different type of soil on which you can plant your seed (on way side, rocky, thrones, and good ground). This helped me to understand why I lost sight so easily because I did not pay attention where I planted. We must be mindful of where we plant and who we trust. It was easy to quit because I never saw fruit of my vision. Had I saw the benefit of continuing with my garden I would have my own place of prayer and worship where I could sit and admire or work and till the ground. I would have had the place I so desperately need to go and gather my thoughts.

Now that I have a clearer vision of what I desire it is time to move forward with the dream. The Words, measurements, and exact layout was before me all along. Gods Word has provided everything I need to start. All that was lacking was me putting my hand to plow. According to John 15:7 God promised if I remain in Him and His words remain in me, I can ask whatever I want and it will be done for me.  I will remain in God and His Word will forever be on my lips and in my heart. Proverbs 6:6 tells me go to the ant, so that I will not be considered a slacker! To observe their ways and become wise. Knowing that seasons will change I will become more wise in my planting and storing for harsh seasons. Knowing that some of those seasons will create storms I will prepare for those calamities through survival techniques. Knowing that even in some seasons there will be deserts (lonely or alone) I must make sure adequate living water is flowing for my vineyard. My Standard of life has raised to a higher level, now lets all see what that look like from the ground up. Raising the Standard to have a firm foundation.