Learning to cook differently has many advantages yet what I have learned along the way the transition isn’t always easy nor received by others. I have been in the state of transitioning to vegan for about 3 years and some moments I wonder if I’ll ever get there. Struggling with health issues the seem unexplainable by medical professionals, and baked to the eye keeps me pressing toward being vegan. One day I hope and pray I will have my own garden to gather what I need. The planting and tilling process is another post in itself. Hopeful and trusting my hearts desire to come to past.  Today I wanted a simple meal so I pulled out what I had and wolla. Delicious and satisfying minestrone soup, mixed greens, mac&cheese, and cornbread. Started and finished our meal with bible study. Nutrition for the spirit, soul, and body. Now that was balance.

Yesterday I was to start a 3 day juice detox and decided to postponed so I won’t sabotage my own efforts. Life has been really difficult and the faking has gotten the best of me. Now that I am facing reality every good thing seems too hard. I know the process, I have heard the what to do along with the spiritual and self help on how to’s. Been there done that, this sure isnt my first rodeo in this arena, yet this ride of life has proven to be so unhealthy. I will press forward with the detox next week to be coupled with my gleaning time with the Lord as I seek His perfect Will in this my very own Garden of Gethseneme experience. If the cup be removed God I thank you. If this cup remains God I still thank you. Not my will but Your Will be done.  

Pinning my life’s journey praying all aspects of my life blesses you in some way. May the Lord be with you and keep you is my prayer.

See Ya!!!